What is Pabulum?

Even a former English major like myself was not quite familiar with the word pabulum that showed up when I searched an online thesaurus for other words meaning "food" and "nutrition".  But what was first a joke between my husband and I started to make a lot of sense when we looked closely at the definition: "material for intellectual nourishment" (http://thesaurus.com/browse/pabulum).   That is exactly what I aim to create each and every day in my humble little Pocono kitchen.  Not only am I trying to fill four hungry tummies with what I know to be healthy food, but I try to make it interesting, inventive, and beneficial for not only our bodies, but our minds as well.  I am constantly reinventing old recipes or finding ones online and changing them just enough to make them extra nutritious and undeniably my own.  It is a passion that has developed since moving into my first real home almost eight years ago. Whenever I have a free afternoon, or a free hour,  I find myself in my kitchen cooking up something new regardless of whether I really need another batch of pumpkin muffins or pan of chocolate protein cookies.  So now it is time I begin sharing this passion with you.  I hope you enjoy my homemade Pocono Pabulum as much as me.  ;)

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