Thursday, October 17, 2013

Who comes first?

You do!!

As a stay at home mother of two I know how easy it can be to put your kids first, your husband first, your house first... everything but the most important thing: yourself!!  I know that there were years where I focused on making sure everyone else was ok and let myself, and my health slide a bit.  But I am trying (not always perfectly) to change that pattern and make sure that while I am there for my family and do what needs to get done, I am cautious as to what that does to me and what I need to do to make myself happy, healthy and spiritually whole.

Definitely starting a regular gym routine a year ago was the beginning of giving myself some much needed "me" time that didn't revolve around watching a television show or taking an hour long nap.  Both of which are good for you as well, but I was letting my health and my sense of purpose slide away.  This blog has given me focus for sure and a new found sense of responsibility, because I am not going to write about knowing things or doing things unless I practice what I preach.  I have always eaten well, more or less, and now I exercise, but when it comes to simple things like making doctor's appointments or following through with health advice I still have some work to do.

This week, however, I have been on top of things, and I got some results back today that I wanted to share with my followers to help encourage you to think about and try to eat the way that I do, even if some of the recipes might seem a bit odd or the ingredients a bit too "healthy." I had gotten an order from my doctor back in May for routine blood work, but it included the instructions to fast (for the cholesterol test).  The fact that I work out a lot, am always hungry, get up very early and stay home with my kids made it basically impossible to get to the lab in the morning and get the test done.  So here it is, October 17th and I figure I will just go and get the test done after the gym, even though I ate 4 hours ago and just hope for the best.  There were other things being tested that didn't require me to fast (liver function test, basic blood cell count, etc.) so at least I could get that accomplished and maybe my cholesterol would still be normal.

I actually had an appointment with my doctor last minute this afternoon about a different topic and I mentioned that I had gotten the blood work without fasting and she basically told me that it was probably pointless and that I would most likely have to have it done again.  I was there to see her about the fact that my hair seems to be thinning a lot and since I was trying to take charge of my health from all aspects I wanted to be proactive and see what a professional would recommend.  I had hoped that the blood work I had done earlier today would have also checked for hormone levels or thyroid function (what she now wants to check), but no such luck. So I figured that if my cholesterol came back all whacky, I would just have it all done again together early next week.  I am confident, as is my doctor, that my hair is or will return to normal (I think this blogging has added to my stress level, while conversely increasing my sense of fulfillment) and that although I do have a genetic predisposition for fine, thin hair, I will in no way be going bald any time soon.

Needless to say, the lab technicians were working expeditiously today because while I was busy cooking my delicious Coconut Curry Noodle dinner a nurse called with my test results from this morning.  She was pleased to inform me that ALL of my blood work came back normal.  My blood count, my liver function, and my cholesterol were all great, even though I had not followed directions and eaten prior to the test.  She said that because it all came back normal, I would not need to retest for cholesterol, but before I could thank her for calling she told me that "just so you know, your HDL levels were really impressive."  I guess normally they want the HDL cholesterol, the "Healthy" cholesterol to be above 40, and mine was 90.  Which I guess is good.  Really really good.  So then I really thanked her for calling, hung up, did a little happy dance and thought that maybe I should blog about it.  I suppose I am just trying to prove that not only are my recipes delicious and my exercise habits attainable, they work!  I really am as physically healthy as I have ever hoped to be, and I no longer have to call myself a hypocrite.  So even if something I post sounds odd, or includes an ingredient you have never heard of before, give it a try. This way of living has done wonders for my energy level, outlook on life, happiness and productivity!!!  Maybe it will for you as well. (let me know!!)

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